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2014’s new favorites in our kitchen

Tonight as I was searching through some homesteading posts, I came across this one from much earlier in the year.  Was a great surprise to be reminded of a few items I’d not used in awhile. I figure since we are rounding out 2014,… Continue Reading “2014’s new favorites in our kitchen”

my “new favorites” in the kitchen

This past year, I searched for new additions to my cooking staples to liven up the limited diet I can consume. Rather than being frustrated by it, I considered it to be an endeavor, one that required much taste-testing and creativity.  I thought I’d… Continue Reading “my “new favorites” in the kitchen”

my new favorite: growing grace farm’s tribute to Chocolat

So, there are very few treats I can delight in during the holiday season since I am basically grain and nut free.  Tonight, I had a craving for something a little sweet and just happened to have the fixins for this delight in our… Continue Reading “my new favorite: growing grace farm’s tribute to Chocolat”