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recipes: turmeric chicken and root vegetable stew

In an effort to make a quick soup one Saturday with some leftover chicken, I created this recipe which is delightfully hearty for cold winter days.  After adding so many cubed root veggies, it took on the form of a stew.  Seasoning it with… Continue Reading “recipes: turmeric chicken and root vegetable stew”

Slow cookin’–Tex Mex Stew

At our office in the winter months, we have a “crock pot club” on Wednesdays for lunch.  If you sign up, you bring something that can be made in a crock pot and enough side items to feed the team.  And if you don’t… Continue Reading “Slow cookin’–Tex Mex Stew”

Sunday dinner! Come and get it!

I am not sure how far this term spreads throughout the world, but in the South, we refer to a large meal midday as “dinner.”  Growing up, my Granny always cooked Sunday dinner, we never had lunch.  Lunch was reserved for sandwiches and chips… Continue Reading “Sunday dinner! Come and get it!”