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lessons learned: what birds can teach us about community

Yesterday, we had a brilliant snow here–I have been waiting and praying for it for some time.  On snow days, one of my favorite activities includes sitting by the kitchen back door or quietly out on the deck and watch the birds feed.  Continuing… Continue Reading “lessons learned: what birds can teach us about community”

lessons learned: ladybugs and hope

As I sat down to write this morning, I realized that “hope” has become a consistent theme through my blog.  I’ve reflected on new flowers peeking out from bulbs buried in winter snow, tiny hostas surviving a late May freeze, and long lost plants… Continue Reading “lessons learned: ladybugs and hope”

lessons learned: generosity and locked doors

On Saturday, my daughter and I decided to take the day off of housecleaning and homework and set out to hike Craggy Pinnacle.  I’d not taken her on this trail since she was a baby, and as I noted the other day, it was… Continue Reading “lessons learned: generosity and locked doors”