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preparing for the longest night

As we prepare for the longest night of the year, I’ve been reflecting Darkness and the journeys we take with her.  Whether it’s related to our spiritual, emotional, or physical health, Darkness can feel especially unnerving during a season that is filled with joy… Continue Reading “preparing for the longest night”

Jan Richard’s healing blessing

These words found me last night, and for that, I am grateful. ~cameron And All Be Made Well A Healing Blessing That each ill be released from you and each sorrow be shed from you and each pain be made comfort for you and… Continue Reading “Jan Richard’s healing blessing”

blessings by Jan Richardson

This morning, I am delighted to find an email from Jan Richardson in my inbox with information about her new Women’s Christmas Retreat.  She notes that in Ireland and other places, Epiphany is celebrated by women as a day of rest, reflection and retreat… Continue Reading “blessings by Jan Richardson”

two prayers of thanksgiving

The following prayers are from: http://www.faithandworship.com/Prayers_Autumn.htm#ixzz3G9IwNQKG   We bless you, God of Seed and Harvest And we bless each other That the beauty of this world And the love that created it Might be expressed though our lives And be a blessing to others… Continue Reading “two prayers of thanksgiving”

may the light of your soul guide you~an Irish blessing

May the light of your soul guide you. May the light of your soul bless the work that you do with the secret love and warmth of your heart. May you see in what you do the beauty of your own soul. May the… Continue Reading “may the light of your soul guide you~an Irish blessing”

Jan Richardson’s Ash Wednesday blessing

Blessing the Dust A Blessing for Ash Wednesday All those days you felt like dust, like dirt, as if all you had to do was turn your face toward the wind and be scattered to the four corners or swept away by the smallest… Continue Reading “Jan Richardson’s Ash Wednesday blessing”

Ruth Williams’ Paso Doble

Each day is a blessing of epic proportions. I give thanks for what might seem meager comforts: real cream in my coffee, a day without a bill in the mail, the Paso Doble. Sometimes life is a dance a woman has to do backwards… Continue Reading “Ruth Williams’ Paso Doble”

lessons learned: giving back to the community that raised me

Recently, I was asked why I returned to my hometown to live as an adult. I responded that I felt compelled to give back to the community that raised me.  Typically that answer satisfies people, and they smile politely and we move on in… Continue Reading “lessons learned: giving back to the community that raised me”

coming up through the cracks

With the onset of Spring, I’ve noticed several plants coming up through the cracks.  In the midst of a busy sidewalk or rocky wall, there grows a bit of Life that has settled in and announced, “I’m here to stay.”  She does not ask… Continue Reading “coming up through the cracks”

a blessing for the new year

what the Muppets can teach us about Advent

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the annual viewing of The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I have loved the Muppets since childhood, and as an adult, I came to appreciate the gentle lessons they teach us about life.  Through humor, word, and deed, they… Continue Reading “what the Muppets can teach us about Advent”

lessons learned: Franciscan blessings, hide and seek, and grace

A Franciscan Blessing May God bless you with discomfort, at easy answers, half-truths,                                                                                                                   and superficial relationships So that you may live deep within your heart. May God bless you with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, So that you may work for… Continue Reading “lessons learned: Franciscan blessings, hide and seek, and grace”