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Some days when the scars in my soul remind me they are there, I go out into creation and just be with my God.  I am reminded that there is beauty in each and every living thing, even myself.

a Sioux prayer for the journey

You, O God, are the Lord of the mountains and the valleys. As I travel over mountains and through valleys, I am beneath your feet. You surround me with every kind of creature. . . Open my eyes to see their beauty, that I… Continue Reading “a Sioux prayer for the journey”

the world as our garden

If we modern people thought of our world as a garden, if we gardened more, then I think all the other creatures and things that grow in the ground would be so much better off. Beauty can save the world! But that depends on… Continue Reading “the world as our garden”

the sacred web of creation

O Gracious, gentle Spirit of Love, Your energy permeates the Universe, Igniting Earth with Your Goodness, Truth and Beauty. Open our minds and hearts To a deeper awareness Of our interconnectedness with You, Each other and all creation. May we experience Your unique presence… Continue Reading “the sacred web of creation”

the beauty of dreaming

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Eleanor Roosevelt      

psalm of contentment

O sacred season of Autumn, be my teacher, for I wish to learn the virtue of contentment. As I gaze upon your full-colored beauty, I sense all abut you an at-homeness with your amber riches. ~modern prayer by Edward Hays, USA