I have always been connected with the Creator as a female, and in the Christian tradition, the Spirit is called Sophia or Wisdom.  Aging into midlife and acquiring a few gray hairs (my wisdom hair!), I have comfortably settled into the experiences and knowledge that make my soul feel wise—having an understanding that is deeper than what is seen on the surface. When I saw these flowers in the window of my kitchen, I smiled knowingly—this is who I am in middle age.  Just beyond the fresh appearances of youth but still so much beauty and life to share.  You can find my gratitude and song for Lady Wisdom in my book Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms for Creation.



Canvas prints:  printed as wrap around with black edging on the sides

Photo prints:  printed on premium glossy photo paper and enclosed in black matting

All canvas and photo prints signed by the artist


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Dimensions N/A

12" x 12" canvas, 12" x 8" canvas, 5" x 7" black mat, 8" x 10" black mat, 11" x 14" black mat, 4" x 6" black mat, 16" x 20" canvas


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