Tomatoes, Small Mixed
Tomatoes, Small Mixed

Tomatoes, Small Mixed


Our family loves to walk outside and see what we can snack off of in our gardens.  Each summer season, we try a variety of bite-sized tomatoes from ordered seeds as well as from seeds that we’ve saved from organic CSA or store bought tomatoes.  In this packet, you might find: Matt’s Wild Cherry, Black Cherry, Grape, Mixed Cherry, Amy’s Apricot, Sun Gold and Golden Sweet. Tomatoes like hot sun  and will need watering weekly if no rain, especially if planted in a raised bed or container.

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25+ seeds per packet


Growing Suggestions:
Early start indoors: In Feb or early Mar, plant seeds in small pots with fresh potting soil. Keep in sunlight and water regularly.  Starting in mid-end of April, move plants outside during the day.  If evenings do not get below freezing, begin leaving outside to harden off.  Plant in the garden after last frost (in the South, we say on Mother’s Day weekend). We plant 1-2 plants per tomato cage.

Start outdoors: Sow seeds in garden after last frost.  Thin as needed. We plant 1-2 plants per tomato cage.



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