Tithonia, Red-Orange
Tithonia, Red-Orange

Tithonia, Red-Orange


Also called Mexican Sunflower, we grew these for the first time in the Summer 2020.  I had started some from seed, but because they hadn’t sprouted by June, I bought three plants a local nursery.  As Nature would have it, the seeds took root so we ended up with two sets of plants on opposite sides of our pollinator bed.  Please take note – these plants grow every tall.  Ours reached well above 6 feet in some spots.  The flowers are a beautiful shade of joyful orange, and when mixed with the zinnias, created a spectacular pollinator garden attracting various hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, moths, and finches (they love the small seeds).

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15+ seeds per packet


Growing Suggestions:
Using a garden rake, move the dirt around then sprinkle the seeds in that area.  Rake again to cover with shallow dirt. You may end up needing to stake these plants or surround them with tomato cages when they’re younger. Plant seeds in early May for summer blooms – loves sunny, hot spots.



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