Red Texas Sage
Red Texas Sage

Red Texas Sage


I don’t even remember where I got my first round of Hummingbird Sage seed – from my mother or through a catalog – but that’s all I needed.  This showy plant grows as a stalk with multiple small red flowers, each creating a seed pod.  While they love the sun, I have had some pop up in shadier spots – they just don’t grow as tall.  Once they start blooming, they are around for a few months and are one of my last flower varieties to fade away, even withstanding the first few frosts.  Great for pollinators who hang around the garden until late autumn.

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Growing Suggestions:
Using a garden rake, move the dirt around then sprinkle the seeds/petals in that area.  Rake again to cover with shallow dirt.  Planting in May will provide you with blooms from July-November.



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