Butterfly Weed, Orange
Butterfly Weed, Orange

Butterfly Weed, Orange


A milkweed species, butterfly weed is a wise choice for gardens as it is abundant in nectar which makes it a great food source for pollinators. I love my orange butterfly weed in floral arrangements as it beautifully complements the many purples and blues of spring and summer. The seed pods look a bit like okra, and if left to dry on the plant will eventually “pop” and seeds will float away.  I like to pick the pods late in the season, overwinter them in mason jars in a cool dark location then pop them myself the next spring.

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30 seeds included


Growing Suggestions:
Using a garden rake, move the dirt around then sprinkle the seeds/petals in that area.  Rake again to cover with shallow dirt.  Planting in May will provide you with blooms from July-September.



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