Several years ago, someone came to our home for the first time.  After referencing my daughter in conversation, I noticed he kept referring to a child named “Grace.”

I asked him, “Oh, is Grace your daughter?”

“No,” he began with a confused look on his face, “Isn’t that the name of your daughter, the child you named this farm for, the one you are growing with all your healthy food.”

And that is when I realized I needed to craft my elevator pitch defining “growing grace.”

As described on my page about the farm, I spent that season of woundedness just learning about creation and the Creator by observing and learning from all that was occurring within the garden.  And after what seems like a very short period of time in a lifetime of seasons, the healing began.  Not through sermons or books or buildings but through ladybugs and seeds and compost.  Those basic simple things re-creating themselves and re-creating me each day.  If that’s not grace, I don’t know what is.

As my own journey and calling have evolved, Growing Grace Farm has become a passion and concept grounded in three tenets:

  • People desire sacred ground where they can “just be” with the Creator to surrender and be healed, nurtured or restored.
  • Creation is a source of sabbath, hope and peace when infused with contemplative prayer practices.
  • Reconciliation and healing are enhanced when people can engage in a time apart and connect with the Holy Spirit through a variety of practices, including prayer, spiritual direction, discernment, and self care.

So while Growing Grace Farm may be considered a location by some, for me, it has become a journey and a way of life.  My prayer is that those who are seeking healing, solace, connection, and peace might find it wherever Growing Grace Farm might be.