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Advent meditation: Hope

A self-sowing seed begins in the light. It holds on for as long as it can, but then weather changes, time passes, and nutrients fade. The bit of green it clings to releases the seed to the earth with a gentle reminder, “This is… Continue Reading “Advent meditation: Hope”

Recipes: Quick and Easy Chicken Broth

Recipe for quick and easy chicken broth using rotisserie chicken carcass and vegetables

coming out of the dark

Most days, if you take the time to just be, creation reminds us of the simple truths in life–love, hope, forgiveness, etc.  This morning, I found the bulbs in my window to speak to me more meaningfully than words in a book. For many… Continue Reading “coming out of the dark”


from the recently released book Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms Celebrating Creation I’ve put the gardens to bed and shored up the chicken coop. I’ve stored the tools and stacked the pots behind the shed. I’ve left the last of the coneflower dead… Continue Reading “wintering”

lessons learned: paperwhites and epiphany

Today is Epiphany in the Christian church calendar.  It marks the journey of the Magi to the Christ child and celebrates God being revealed to us as Jesus–coming into the world to experience both darkness and light just as we do and sharing the… Continue Reading “lessons learned: paperwhites and epiphany”

the wrens

morning, wrens chirping inviting in the new year with songs of welcome


I’ve put the gardens to bed and shored up the chicken coop. I’ve stored the tools and stacked the pots behind the shed. I’ve left the last of the coneflower dead heads reaching toward the sky, in case finch and chickadee grow tired of… Continue Reading “wintering”

Joyce Rupp’s Changing the Landscape

As part of my own Lenten study time this season, I have been reading My Soul Feels Lean: Poems of Loss and Restoration by Joyce Rupp.   Thank goodness for this poet of the spirit, for this singer of human psalms.  I have especially appreciated… Continue Reading “Joyce Rupp’s Changing the Landscape”

lessons learned: what birds can teach us about community

Yesterday, we had a brilliant snow here–I have been waiting and praying for it for some time.  On snow days, one of my favorite activities includes sitting by the kitchen back door or quietly out on the deck and watch the birds feed.  Continuing… Continue Reading “lessons learned: what birds can teach us about community”

for the birds: growing grace farm’s bird suet

Since it’s taken this long to get our first real snow around here, I celebrated by opening a batch of our canned mulled apple cider and sipping on it as I made this special treat for the birds tomorrow.  I’m hoping I’ll catch a… Continue Reading “for the birds: growing grace farm’s bird suet”

study of amaryllis


starting your seeds

It’s that time!  Every winter I pull up this post with the hopes of inspiring some new yard gardeners or suburban farmers.  Always glad to collect any other ideas you may have so comment away! ~cameron Oh, where to begin?!  It’s the time of… Continue Reading “starting your seeds”

recipes: turmeric chicken and root veggie stew

With all this lovely cold rainy January weather, I’m back to my old favorites for lunch so thought I’d repost a few.  I created this one last year and have actually made it on several occasions without the chicken this year–the veggies are so… Continue Reading “recipes: turmeric chicken and root veggie stew”

John Birch’s prayer for winter

There is a winter in all of our lives, a chill and darkness that makes us yearn for days that have gone or put our hope in days yet to be. Father God, you created seasons for a purpose. Spring is full of expectation… Continue Reading “John Birch’s prayer for winter”

Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese

This morning as I traveled into work, I passed by a pond where Canadian geese often stop for a layover or take up residency for the winter.  As I approached, I noticed that the flock appeared to be glistening in the rising sun.  I… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese”

holding a little piece of creation in your hands

This weekend, I will begin some indoor starts for spring and summer veggies and herbs.  It is quite possibly one of my favorite activities on this little farm, for it is humbling to hold a little piece creation in your hands and nurture the… Continue Reading “holding a little piece of creation in your hands”

one more sleep til Christmas

One More Sleep Til Christmas (words by Paul Williams, from The Muppet Christmas Carol) There magic in the air this evening Magic in the air The world is at her best, you know When people love and care The promise of excitement is one… Continue Reading “one more sleep til Christmas”

the Spirit of the season

A couple of years ago in December, my daughter and I stood in a line 20 people deep at Target on a Friday night.  We had forgotten that our usual routine of grabbing necessities would be overshadowed by crowds completing last minute holiday shopping.… Continue Reading “the Spirit of the season”

lessons learned: the mosaic of brokenness and wholeness

This coming Sunday, a dear friend and I will be co-leading a “Longest Night” service.  Designed for healing and peace, this worship opportunity is often offered on the longest night of the year, the night when Darkness wraps her arms around us and holds… Continue Reading “lessons learned: the mosaic of brokenness and wholeness”

study of tulip bulbs


recipes: growing grace farm’s sunshine bread

I’m sitting here in the sun this morning and giving thanks for awakening to such a beautiful day.  My kitchen is now in working order after many weeks of transformation, and I look forward celebrating by baking holiday goodies soon.  You can bet this… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s sunshine bread”

invitation for silence

Some days we just need a gentle reminder to invite in the silence and see what unfolds.  May you take a moment to breathe, pray, or rest in quiet during this season of preparation.

the gentle whispers of hope

For many people of faith, the time between November and January includes many different spiritual traditions and holidays.  While I am Christian, my approach during this season is to include themes that are embraced by many faith traditions.  It has always been my prayer… Continue Reading “the gentle whispers of hope”

remedy for grey autumn and winter days–forcing bulbs

Tonight, I have the joy of a few quiet minutes on the couch before heading to bed.  As I look around me, I see bowls, pots, and mason jars filled with bulbs bursting forth with green shoots.  Made me think I should repost this… Continue Reading “remedy for grey autumn and winter days–forcing bulbs”

spring begins

lessons learned: craving winter

For the past two weeks, I have been working in Wisconsin, in the middle of 2 snow storms and frigid temperatures, and I have loved it.  Seriously.  I don’t know if my soul has just craved a real winter for so long that it… Continue Reading “lessons learned: craving winter”

snow day baking

prayer on a snowy morning

Even on an official snow day, the dogs woke me up early this morning.  I have been sitting at my kitchen table watching God begin to sprinkle the earth with light snow, as if she were decorating Valentine’s cookies.  The woods fill with a… Continue Reading “prayer on a snowy morning”

Tess Gallagher’s Choices

Choices ~ Tess Gallagher I go to the mountain side of the house to cut saplings, and clear a view to snow on the mountain. But when I look up, saw in hand, I see a nest clutched in the uppermost branches. I don’t… Continue Reading “Tess Gallagher’s Choices”

lessons learned: weathered spirits

Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before. ~William Butler Yeats This cloudy morning, I took the dogs outside for a walk around the chilly farm.  As they wandered through the leaves, I… Continue Reading “lessons learned: weathered spirits”

silent snow

I am reposting this one because we are on our third year of cold, wet winters, and I am longing for snow.  Today may be the day it happens, and my spirit will be joyful! Out of the bosom of the Air, Out of… Continue Reading “silent snow”

growing grace farm’s creamy chicken and wild rice soup (gluten free)

My daughter is not a fan of soup much anymore.  I attribute that to her fourth grade year when I believe she took soup to school every day. There is now only one soup that she’ll request, a creamy chicken and wild rice soup… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s creamy chicken and wild rice soup (gluten free)”

first sprouts!

Mary Oliver’s The Winter Wood Arrives

I think I could have built a little house to live in with the single cord— half seasoned, half not— trucked into the driveway and tumbled down. But, instead, friends came and together we stacked it for the long, cold days that are— maybe… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s The Winter Wood Arrives”

winter storms, upcycled Christmas trees–protecting birds in winter

Yesterday, my daughter packed away all of our ornaments, the creche and our Santa collection.  Our poor tree looked so pitiful standing there alone when I came upstairs.  I took great care of it, however, as I hauled it outside in the stand and… Continue Reading “winter storms, upcycled Christmas trees–protecting birds in winter”

recipes: growing grace farm’s winter morning breakfast frittata

Being a bit limited by my grain-free diet, I have spent a lot of time experimenting with breakfast recipes.  I mourn the loss of my favorite breakfast, oatmeal with sea salt, sliced banana and a drizzle of maple syrup, but I have created some… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s winter morning breakfast frittata”

reflection on a snowy morning

I love snow.  It’s as simple as that.  Whether it’s a powdered sugar dusting or an up-to-my-knees accumulation, there is something about snow that puts my spirit at ease.  Maybe it’s because the extra fluff absorbs all the sound and everything appears to be… Continue Reading “reflection on a snowy morning”

windowsill winter garden week 1

Mary Sunday

Today at our Sanctuary service, we began a new tradition of having Mary Sunday, an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Today, I am posting my sermon for the service which is not the typical growing grace farm blog… Continue Reading “Mary Sunday”

recipes: winter weather, summer salad

My daughter’s school chorus sold citrus to raise money this season.  We recently received our order and are overflowing in tangelos, oranges, and red grapefruit.  I’m looking forward to making this salad as a light and cleansing option after all the holiday treats.  Enjoy!… Continue Reading “recipes: winter weather, summer salad”