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baking bread

If you follow Growing Grace Farm on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I have been reading Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat. My sweetheart and I came across the docuseries on Netflix, and immediately, I was taken. A woman who loves travel,… Continue Reading “baking bread”

tomatoes: dehydrating or drying for summer year ’round

There is nothing I like more than throwing a handful of sundried tomatoes into a dish to add a bit of tangy punch and a little bit of summer.  Tonight, I wandered out to the tomato and pepper bed, rounded the corner, and ta-dah! … Continue Reading “tomatoes: dehydrating or drying for summer year ’round”

recipes: spring green salad

With all the new extra sunlight on the farm, my spring gardens have produced more than enough greens to feed our family, our chickens, and any rabbit that can jump the fence.  I’ve been experimenting a bit with salad ideas and came up with… Continue Reading “recipes: spring green salad”