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Blog post about ecospirituality and some practices that support caring for the earth and your soul.

sunny Spring Sunday on the farm

prayer for rain

Give life to the grass by sending us rain. Give life to our earth by sending us rain. Give life to our crops by sending us rain. Give life to our children by sending us rain. ~Dinka Prayer, Sudan I almost didn’t recognize Morning… Continue Reading “prayer for rain”

farmers’ markets

Seeing as it is midsummer and most farmers’ markets are in full swing with fruits, veggies, and flowers, I thought I might do a series of posts on this wonderful local shopping experience.  I am always thrilled to see a new vegetable stand or… Continue Reading “farmers’ markets”

slow food–homesteader style

Several months ago, in a “next step” to live more simply (and declutter), I looked around the kitchen and asked myself, “What can I live without?”  Being a homesteading family, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen–it’s where we try out new… Continue Reading “slow food–homesteader style”

so you’ve started your seeds, now what?

After I pressed two posts on starting seeds, I noticed the trend in lots of posts and pinterest pics focusing on seed starting.  Yep, we get excited about planting the seeds, knowing that one day they’ll become vegetables and fruit in our gardens, but… Continue Reading “so you’ve started your seeds, now what?”

save the herbs! tips and tricks on what to do with leftovers or extras

Tonight, I made homemade salsa to go with our dinner.  Yum–bring on the cilantro!  I find, however, that when I buy a bundle of cilantro, we end up eating half right away, then it starts to rot if I don’t watch out.  Made me… Continue Reading “save the herbs! tips and tricks on what to do with leftovers or extras”

starting seeds 2

Ok, wow!  Thanks for all the blog hits on my starting seeds post last night.  You guys got me to thinking, and in hindsight, I realized that I’d left out some other great suggestions and thought I’d put ’em down tonight. pick out a… Continue Reading “starting seeds 2”

starting seeds

Oh, where to begin?!  It’s the time of year when I move the tall metal shelves in front of the French doors in the den and get ready to start the seeds.  My daughter rolls her eyes as apparently, it is not the type… Continue Reading “starting seeds”


When I was a little girl, my mom would pickle cucumbers in the summer time.  She was so concerned that my sister and I would get burned that she made us sit at the round oak table away from the hot water bath.  She’d… Continue Reading “pickling”

“go local”

“Go Local,” is a phrase most of us hear if we are supportive of local, sustainable practices and local, small businesses.  A lot of us, however, have been “going local” for a long time (or “going locally” if you were my 7th grade grammar… Continue Reading ““go local””

community garden

Recently, I’ve read and listened to stories about several community gardens.  You see,I have been longing to share my gardening skills and work with my church to begin a community garden.   In the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that people define the… Continue Reading “community garden”

slow food

It would be simple to define “slow food” as “the opposite of fast food” or “food that is cooked slowly.”  I prefer, however, to think of slow food as food that has not only been prepared slowly but also cultivated slowly–food that has taken… Continue Reading “slow food”


I recently had someone refer to canning as a “lost art.”  I snickered to myself that for us homesteaders, it is not an art, it is a tradition.  It has function and purpose.  Its history goes back generations to women who stood around boiling,… Continue Reading “canning”

simple living

Living simply was something I experienced as a child but lost somewhere on the journey to adulthood.  It included playing in the backyard, gardening with my dad, cooking with mom, and loving on my grandparents.  We climbed trees, visited with the neighbors, picnicked on… Continue Reading “simple living”

surburban farming

Tonight, I was reading a blog post by entitled “Is Urban Farming Really Farming?”  Great post if you’re interested, and it caused me to reflect on what makes a suburban yard a “farm.” My tween daughter seems to define farm as “an area… Continue Reading “surburban farming”


Ok, so now you want to know, “What is upcycling?”  A friend asked if that was an excuse for hoarding, and my tween daughter thinks I’m just trying to be cool using that term instead of “recycling.” (cue the eyeroll. . .) For me… Continue Reading “upcycling”


So, I’ve been asked time and time again, “What is homesteading?’  In searching online, I’ve found many definitions, but here’s what it means to me~ carrying on traditions taking an active role in my home, my gardens, my farm connecting with Creation choosing to… Continue Reading “homesteading”