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slow food

It would be simple to define “slow food” as “the opposite of fast food” or “food that is cooked slowly.”  I prefer, however, to think of slow food as food that has not only been prepared slowly but also cultivated slowly–food that has taken… Continue Reading “slow food”


I recently had someone refer to canning as a “lost art.”  I snickered to myself that for us homesteaders, it is not an art, it is a tradition.  It has function and purpose.  Its history goes back generations to women who stood around boiling,… Continue Reading “canning”

spring flowers grace the farm early this year

Spring flowers have bloomed early this year due to warm winter weather.  I dearly miss the snow, but these are too beautiful not to appreciate in the midst of cold, rainy February.  I realize it is not natural for flowers to be blessing us… Continue Reading “spring flowers grace the farm early this year”