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a psalm of thanksgiving

from my new book Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms Celebrating Creation  Preorder here God of Bounty, We offer thanksgiving to you in this season of harvest. For the food you created, for the rich soil that sheltered the seeds for the morning sun that… Continue Reading “a psalm of thanksgiving”

sermon: Farmer Boy and resting in the spirit

I shared this sermon at our contemplative service a handful of years ago during Mental Health Awareness Month in the UMC (May). In honor of World Mental Health Day (October 10), I’m reposting.  ~cameron This week, I’ve been struck by the intermingling of mental… Continue Reading “sermon: Farmer Boy and resting in the spirit”

lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit

As many of you know, I raise chickens–only a few at a time–and they have taught me many lessons about friendship, joy, loss and tenderness.  I dream, however, of adding goats to our fold one day, and while now is not the time, I… Continue Reading “lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit”