JOURNEYBOXES were created for spiritual people on the go.  They invite sacred space that encourages  us to slow down and lean into God.  Each box embodies a quiet faith practice, and the included items were thoughtfully selected to symbolize the essence of that theme.
The gift of JourneyBoxes is that they invite you into relationship with the Holy Spirit through a connection of intention and mindfulness. Surrender, listen, meditate, or pray–whatever you feel led to do in your sacred time with the Beloved.

JourneyBoxes: Just Be

Originally developed for my friends one Christmas, the Just Be box is the first of the JourneyBoxes and has evolved into the gift of quiet, sacred space.  Each item was carefully selected to focus mind, body, and spirit through prayer and intention.  Just Be reminds us that faith deepens and peace unfolds as we become still in the presence of God.

Includes:  candle, 3 just be prayer cards, prayer card stand, wooden spiral, stone, wooden palm prayer cross, and small journal with pencil


JourneyBoxes: Just Believe

Just Believe was developed for a friend who was experiencing some struggles in her faith journey.  We’d all like to believe that faith doesn’t bring with it challenges. If we are truly living our lives as people of faith, we often encounter concerns and experiences that make us question who and whose we are.  The gift of Just Believe is its gentle reminder that faith is a balance of light and dark, strong and weak, pain and joy, and that balance is necessary to our growth.

Includes:  candle, 3 just believe prayer cards, prayer card stand, wooden star, scallop shell, nest with eggs, and small journal with pencil


JourneyBoxes: Just Breathe

Just Breathe was inspired by my passion for yoga.  After practicing alone in my home for two years, I began attending a class, and began to appreciate the experience of breathing and moving in connection with others.  Yoga has helped me appreciate the value of breath in my prayer practice and in my daily life.  Critical to our wellbeing, breathing can help us release stress and recenter ourselves.  The gift of Just Breathe is engaging in this practice regularly and feeling the impact it has on your soul.

Includes:  candle, 3 just breathe prayer cards, prayer card stand, wooden heart, feather, prayer beads, and small journal with pencil