morning prayer

let the morning come let the sun rise slowly outside my window peeking through silhouettes of dark trees let the hummingbirds wake the world with chirps of delight let the rabbits scamper from the gardens their mouths full of fresh greens let the crickets begin their song as the earth warms in the light let … Continue reading morning prayer

the season of sabbatical

A new season has come to visit the farm.   I knew the visit was impending, but life kept me busy, and quite honestly, I was in denial about her coming.  I mean, who wants to stop and clean house when there are tomatoes to harvest, cucumbers to pickle, and seeds to dry. And yet, … Continue reading the season of sabbatical

well, it’s about time

Several weeks ago, I was sharing a story with a friend, and she noted, "Well, it's about time!"  And in one way, she was right--our culture's use of that phrase to mean finally accompanied by a tinge of exasperation seemed to fit the situation just right. As I reflected on the comment during my meditation time … Continue reading well, it’s about time