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Cameron Kempson, M.Ed.

spiritual director. speaker. writer

As a Spiritual Director and Educator, I weave together my passion for art, writing, creation care, and contemplative prayer to offer unique opportunities for connecting with the Holy Spirit. I offer both individual spiritual direction as well as facilitate retreats and workshops.

I hold a Master of Education from the University of North Carolina of Greensboro and am commissioned as a United Methodist Deaconess. I completed my certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Shalem Institute in 2016 and published my first book Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms Celebrating Creation in 2018.

The purpose of spiritual direction is to help people discover how to define themselves in relation not only to the world, but also to God.

~Margaret Guenther

spiritual director

When describing spiritual direction, I like reference the metaphor of the three chairs.  One chair is for the person, one chair is for the director, and one chair is for the Holy Spirit.  Spiritual direction creates a safe and sacred space for listening, praying and noticing how God is present in one’s life. Spiritual direction is not therapy or pastoral counseling; rather, it is in a time of discernment.  As the individual shares stories of personal experiences and connections with God, the director is listening for how the Holy Spirit may be moving in that person’s life.

speaker and retreat leader

From a young age, I have loved the look on someone’s face when they have that “aha” moment. That spark of recognition, that sense of curiosity. As an educator, I enjoy inspiring others to learn. As a speaker and retreat leader, however, I enjoy inspiring others to connect, to listen, and to create. I’m comfortable as a national speaker and as a small workshop leader. I’ve led weekend retreats and facilitated weekly small group workshops. In either role, I weave together story telling, questions, and quiet to encourage each participant to hold sacred space for themselves and their spiritual growth.


I cannot remember a time when I didn’t have a diary or journal. Words have invited me to wrap myself in their peacefulness. Words have inspired me to find my voice in their strength. And words have comforted me with their wisdom. I value words like small gifts to the world, and my intention is to choose them carefully, authentically, and honestly to express my feelings about the healing nature of creation, gardening, homesteading and prayer. Through blogging, prayer cards, books, and even daily notes to people, I hope to invite, inspire, and comfort others in ways that other writer’s words have done for me.

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