Advent meditation: Love
Advent meditation: Love

Advent meditation: Love

After retiring to its new underground home, the seed adjusts to life in the Darkness.  It takes some time, but after a while, it resigns itself that it will be here for an unknown period of time, and it settles in.

Living the Unknown is a bit like grief.  Some days, the seed is glad not to have a plan.  Some days, it grows weary of the loneliness.  Some days, it’s agitated by its own lack of control over the situation.  Over and over, it cycles through various states and stages while the Darkness is determined to see this through.

All the while, the rains come and quench the seed’s thirst.  The creepy crawlies kiss the seed and loosen its hardened shell. The sun shines above surface and heats the soil underneath.

The seed feels all of these things, even among and through the Darkness. And within the depths of the seed, its soul is strangely warmed by this gentle support and tender compassion. One might call that Love.


Compassionate Creator,
I struggle with Darkness.
I wrestle, regret and despair
rather than surrender my humanity to you.
Help me be like the seed
resting and preparing for the journey.
Let me be comforted by promise
that you are sitting with me in the dark
and in that covenant, there is light.


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