Growing Grace Podcast: The Longest Night
Growing Grace Podcast: The Longest Night

Growing Grace Podcast: The Longest Night

What if you could step outside your door and find a space for connection with yourself and God — a time apart to center your soul and renew your spirit. This podcast invites listeners to get out of their heads and out into nature by engaging in contemplative prayer practices and meditative activities that support spiritual formation and emotional wellbeing.  Welcome to Growing Grace.

I am your host, Cameron Kempson, a spiritual director, homesteader and contemplative.  Tonight, our topic is the Winter Soltice or even more specifically, the Longest Night.  Several years ago, I attended a Longest Night service at a local Episcopal church. I was moved by the opportunity to step into the darkness of Advent and into my own spiritual “night” and be with others who were seeking a glimmer of light or hope or peace in the midst of pain or struggle or loneliness.

After that moving exerpience, I began leading Longest Night service at my church, only to find that over time, the numbers dwindled.  I know that there are people out there like me, seekers of light in the darkness, and sometimes, it can be a challenge just to show up in order to have our souls fed. 

And so, I’ve chosen the Longest Night service as a way to dive into hosting a weekly podcast. If you have found these words at this time, I hope they move you or touch you in some way that brings you closer to your Creator.  I invite you to just be.

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