your prayers
your prayers

your prayers

Dear Friends and Family,

About seven months ago, Bob and I started planning for me to have a space apart as a studio, meditation room, and spiritual direction office.  After several twists and turns, we finally settled on a studio shed.  Bob and I have combined our skills with others’ talents and are finally rounding the corner to nearing the end of the project.  It has been a labor of love and a lesson in patience.

This morning as I was out there sanding the mud on the drywall, I remembered what my spiritual director said one time about her office—these walls have heard many, many prayers.  And we sat in silence for a bit to soak up the spiritual energy from those words and thoughts.

I’ve decided to begin my journey in this sacred space with walls filled with prayer, and I’d like you to help me.  It will be a few more evenings of sanding and repairing before I am able to paint.  In the interim, I’d like to ask for you to share prayers with me.  They can be messaged directly via facebook or posted here or even emailed to me at

Before I begin painting, I’m going to take a pencil and write your prayers and and a few from my collection on the walls of my studio.  I will stand in their presence and pray with your words.  The paint will eventually cover them, but they will permeate this sacred space and continue to be lifted up on occasion.

Thank you so much—peace be with you.



  1. Kathleen T Morgan

    Dear Cameron, May our Loving, Gracious God bless you as your bring peace, comfort and joy to others. I so love your idea. In June, I helped with a Habitat project, the walls were already enclosed, so no room for a prayer there, we were getting to lay the laminate floor, so I took a marker and prayed for the person who would get this home and that all of their steps would be blessed in this home. It is a gracious gift we can impart to others through prayer. God bless you and your work. I love your site. Kathleen

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