lady wisdom
lady wisdom

lady wisdom

A few years ago, my devotion journal highlighted Proverbs 8, a lovely and insightful text about Lady Wisdom or Sophia. As Holy Wisdom, she personifies the female aspects of God, and in the Proverbs passage, we learn she has been around since Creation.

I particularly enjoy the Good News Translation with its simple and to-the-point language and descriptive imagery of Lady Wisdom’s presence and position with God in the beginning.

Listen! Lady Wisdom is calling out. I was born before the mountains, before God made the earth and its fields or even the first handful of soil.
Proverbs 8:1, 25-26, Good News Translation

Two winters ago, I spent a silent retreat weekend meditating on the Lady Wisdom within me and honoring the lessons learned that have taught me so much. I wrote this psalm out of that “aha” moment–appreciating that as a woman in midlife that both wisdom and experience permeate my mind-body-spirit in a way that feels comforting. Instead of looking back and wishing for or wondering about easier paths or safer choices, I’m finding that I’m learning to sit with my own Lady Wisdom and hold sacred space for the woman I’ve become.

A Psalm of Wisdom

Oh, Lady Wisdom,

come in and sit awhile.

Bask in the sunlight

streaming through the window.

It catches your age

ever so gently

as it dances across your skin.

You are

magnificent but modest,

humbled by hindsight,

and time,

and lessons learned from the Creator.

There is no ego,

only experience

that frames your face

like the dried petals

on the flowers in the windowsill.

And when you

nod your head knowingly

at the secrets I share,

I get a glimpse of

the woman I’ve become.

A Lady Wisdom in her own right.

from Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms Celebrating Creation

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