This morning, I thought I might try something a bit different with my post. A few minutes ago, I came across a photo that reminded me of an unexpected treasure I found as I traveled across the state of Wisconsin many years ago.

A sunny dirt road just before sunset at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge.

My first thought–journey.

I know that word has taken on a bit of an overused touchy-feely spiritual feel (at least according to my daughter who has a special voice and eye roll when she says it), but in this season of Lent, it seems aptly appropriate.

Rather than filling you with words of what journey means to me, I thought I’d select some photos I’ve taken and offer them to you. One may speak to you more than another, or none may at all. My hope is that you will take a moment and reflect on what journey means to you in this season of your own spiritual life. What images do you connect with that symbolize that path? An old quiet bridge? A peaceful mountain trail? A much needed solitary bench?

Take a minute and meditate on the details of your image. How do they symbolize your relationship with the Creator? With the earth? With your dreams? With your challenges?

Finally, sit with this image for a few days. You might print one out or create your own. You may choose to journal about it. Either way, find connection that takes you deeper into your own journey and what it means to your soul.

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