a psalm of hope
a psalm of hope

a psalm of hope

from the newly released book Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms Celebrating Creation

Our Healer, our Hope,

We greet you in the morning

with fresh faces

turned toward the sun.

You warm our skin and our hearts with your light.

You envelop us in your tender love.

A new day is dawning

and we are strengthened in spirit.

Our souls are grateful

for the renewal another sunrise brings.

We anticipate what is to come

with trust in you.

Even when the night seems longer than we can bear,

Even when Doubt and Darkness

block your light and cover us

with the shadows of pain and sadness or loss,

You remind us with each rising sun

with each hatching egg

with each blossoming bulb

that you are our Hope

and for you we will wait

and watch and work

and never give up.

five eggs in nest


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