a psalm of thanksgiving
a psalm of thanksgiving

a psalm of thanksgiving

from my new book Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms Celebrating Creation 

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God of Bounty,

We offer thanksgiving to you

in this season of harvest.

For the food you created,

for the rich soil that sheltered the seeds

for the morning sun that warmed them

and for the gentle rain that nourished them.

We offer gratitude to those

who gathered the crops

with callused hands

and pray for their health and welfare

as caretakers of your earth.

We remember your call for us as

stewards of your creation.

May we offer thanks and praise to you

by caring for land, air and water

and by sharing the bounty you provide

with those who seek a banquet of blessings.

We lift up Thanksgiving in the name

of our Creator and Sustainer.

harvest photo with collander and squash

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