selling a home
selling a home

selling a home

Selling a home is not for the faint at heart.  You see, it’s different than selling a house.  Selling a house requires a sign in the yard, some great marketing, and a decent sellers’ market.  Selling a home–well, that’s another story.

In mid July, a home unexpectedly found me.  The minute I walked into it, I knew it was where my spirit needed to be.  I didn’t need to look around, but I did because the realtor had come out in the evening to meet me there.  I fell in love with the feeling of home when I walked through the front door.  Each scratch in the floor, each shaft of sunlight, every open door beckoned me to come in and stay awhile.

Spending more than two decades working in education, ministry, and nonprofit management limits how much can be saved, not to mention the financial toll that cancer and single parenting can take.   I resigned myself to the fact that I could only buy this new home by selling my current one.

Ten days and many long, labor intensive hours later, my sweet homestead went on the market.  The gardens, the screened-in porch, and the location invited people to make my house their home.

A realtor tour, an open house and a new paint job beckoned.  All I needed was one buyer.  One someone who would walk through the door and appreciate the scratches in the floor, the shafts of sunlight, and the open doors.

When you are selling a home, each person that schedules a showing is more than a buyer. They become the potential “family” who will inherit the labor of love you created for all those years.  And when they decide it is not right for them, it feels like a loss.  Not because they didn’t like it, but because secretly, you are hoping that someone will want to invest their own love, laughter and traditions just as you have.

And so, here I am, a week away from my deadline on the other home.  People have toured through. Some have stop and stayed for awhile, some have turned and walked away.  Some have hoped this could be their home then decided they needed a grass yard or wanted a bigger house for less money.

When your house has become a home, you don’t take these comments lightly.  Your heart has been invested in this place for so long, it is hard to imagine that someone can’t see what you feel.  That someone doesn’t share the same spirit of “home” that you do.

One more week, and without a contract, I will have to sacrifice the home of my life’s next chapter.  It will be disappointing and disheartening, but I will pray that, later, someone will fall in love with this home so that I can fall in love with the home of my future.


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