I love to drive on country roads and blue highways.  There’s is something about the unknown of backroads that inspires me–inspires me to wonder, inspires me to center, inspires me to find.

These travels get me outside of my head and into my spirit.  I let go of what lies behind me and soak in each detail of what lies before me–small town America, miles of trees, rural farms, mountain panoramas, country churches, welcoming people.

And in each of those, I get a glimpse of the Creator at work in small and subtle ways that otherwise go unnoticed.

In preparing for my sermon this coming Sunday, I have come across this poem.  It has perched upon my heart and will probably stay there for some time.  I’ve been reading it through the spiritual practice of lectio divina [reading, reflecting (meditation), responding and resting (contemplation)], and it has been speaking to me just as a drive down a two-lane road does.

Just Beyond Yourself by David Whyte

Just beyond

It’s where
you need
to be.

Half a step
and the rest
by what
you’ll meet.

There is a road
always beckoning.

When you see
the two sides
of it
closing together
at that far horizon
and deep in
the foundations
of your own
at exactly
the same
that’s how
you know
it’s the road
to follow.

That’s how
you know
it’s where
to go.

That’s how
you know
you have
to go.

how you know.

Just beyond
where you
need to be.

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