This morning as I surrendered to God on my yoga mat, I heard the loveliest song coming from a bird several trees away from my window.  The call was crisp and clear, deliberate and delicate.  It became my mantra for several moments as I centered myself in prayer.

Then it came.  The battle of the crows and jays. I’m not sure who instigated the argument but their cackling and cawing clawed at my silence.

Yet all along, I could hear that one simple bird call inviting me back into her fold.

Sometimes, our world can seem to be in the midst cackling and cawing.  The voices pervade our peaceful lives as we are surrounded by unhealthy dialogue or unnerving sound bytes.

And yet, if we focus on the one clear call that centers us, and the One that calls us back into the fold, we can wrap its peace around us like a comforting blanket.

When the chime invited me to come to closure on my prayer time, I realized that the cackling and cawing had stopped.  I couldn’t tell you when exactly because my spirit had been resting in the One whose song filled my soul.








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