growing grace
growing grace

growing grace

Several years ago, someone asked me the meaning of “growing grace.”  They assumed that my daughter’s name was Grace and that I had created the gardens to grow her through healthy food sources.  When I noted that the Creator was growing grace, or blessings, here on this little farm, I received a “huh” accompanied by a quizzical look.  Bless his heart–he’d probably never experienced joy as warm dirt in his hands or hope as unexpected eggs in a nest.

I can’t say that I’ve ever found the same sort of spiritual peace in a building that I find outdoors.  There is something to be said for lying down at the feet of the God amid everything in creation–the foliage, the dirt, and the creatures.  It steadies you.  It humbles you.  And it is a spiritual reminder that you have been uniquely formed in the hands of the Beloved, and that gift, if you let it, can be enough.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  This month, my blog posts will be focusing on ecotherapy–the capacity for nature and creation to provide healing.

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