Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Papa Bluebird who seems to have returned a couple of months early for another nesting season.  Rather than continuing on with my dirt digging or sermon writing, I just sat on the front steps and chatted with him until he perched in the tree closest to my front porch then sang me the most beautiful song.  We watched each other for moments on end until he peeked around the corner of the house and realized the feeder was free.

After completing my chores, I prepared a simple dinner and rested on the glider in my screened in porch.  A chickadee peered into the new house I had fastened to a post at the corner of the old dog pen.  I watched curiously as the small bird proceeded to bring bits of this and that and drop them into the small dark hole.  I can only imagine what might be woven together today to create sacred space for new life.

In both of those experiences, I could have kept going or turned away. I could have responded to a text or read an email.

But I chose to sit in the quiet of creation and let it nurture my spirit.

Quite often it’s not about whether the opportunity to Just Be is there–quite often it’s about embracing it when it comes your way.

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