lessons learned:  paperwhites and epiphany
lessons learned: paperwhites and epiphany

lessons learned: paperwhites and epiphany

Today is Epiphany in the Christian church calendar.  It marks the journey of the Magi to the Christ child and celebrates God being revealed to us as Jesus–coming into the world to experience both darkness and light just as we do and sharing the message of love, grace, justice and mercy.

I wrote this this post a handful of years ago and was reminded of it this morning as I sat drinking hot tea and admiring the paper whites on my kitchen table. ~cameron



Last year when I started my seeds in January, I stumbled across a couple of bulbs that hadn’t made it into the ground.  I filled a tall mason jar with dirt, tossed the bulbs in, and set the jar with the rest of the seeds.  Over time, those bulbs rested and waited patiently, preparing themselves for the next steps on the journey.

When it was time to transplant all the seedlings outside, I brought the jar up to my kitchen window where it has sat all summer.  I figured at some point, I’d have some green shoots, but the bulbs knew better than I, and they slept a bit longer, enjoying the warm sunshine soaking through the soil.

Around the middle of November, Life began stirring.  She reached up into the heavens and dug her toes down into the dirt,  What a beauty She was, joining us during the season of preparation and anticipation.

I have waited, watching Her grow, and I’ve wondered what She would become.  You see, I had no clue what kind of bulbs I’d found last winter–perhaps they’d end up being some sassy little jonquils or a couple of tried and true daffodils.

And then on Friday, Life burst forth, like a light in the darkness.  Even as snow and wind blew about the farm, her white petals unfolded to capture and reflect the Light, sharing a bit of it with me.

A patient paper white, unfurling before my eyes and symbolizing that Light and Life are here now–what an epiphany.


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