lessons learned: the little things
lessons learned: the little things

lessons learned: the little things

After reposting 86,400 Seconds, I journeyed to my bookshelf and pulled out the gratitude journal that I photographed for that posting.  I looked at list after list after list, and I realized that most of the items on those pages weren’t milestones in my emotional development or touchpoints on my life journey.  They simply were the little things.  Little things each day that reminded me of what it feels like to be grateful and aware and intentional.

In this unfolding global community that seems rife with chaos, struggle and challenge, I have come to forget the little things.  I want big change.  I want big love.  I want big justice.

And where those expectations have led me is to a place of weariness and desolation, frustration and sadness.  I have forgotten about the beauty and peace of the little things.

In a world that seems so vast and daunting, I am learning that peace comes as a form of balance, not absence.  I may not be able to remove bigotry or ego or selfishness from the equation, but I can balance them with acceptance and love and compassion.

So this week, I have resumed my mindfulness practice of appreciating the little things, but I’m taking it one step further.   This time, I’m taking action to express the gratitude I feel for those delights.

It’s randomly messaging someone who appears as a facebook friendaversary or surprising my daughter and her roommate with a care package.  It’s sending a card to someone I haven’t connected with in awhile or smiling at people as I pass them in the grocery store.

And some days, it’s lying on my yoga mat and being gentle with myself or swinging in the hammock and being connected with the creation that is this little farm.

I am finding that by returning to the little things I am not only filling my spirit with gratitude.  I also am finding a bit more balance and peace within my soul.


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