well, it’s about time
well, it’s about time

well, it’s about time

Several weeks ago, I was sharing a story with a friend, and she noted, “Well, it’s about time!”  And in one way, she was right–our culture’s use of that phrase to mean finally accompanied by a tinge of exasperation seemed to fit the situation just right.

As I reflected on the comment during my meditation time that evening, her choice of words took on another meaning for me.

This past Spring, I had the gift of taking an unexpected week of vacation.  Every day,  I spent hands-in-dirt working on some new aspect of the farm–weeding, mulching, planting.   Every time I had to walk around the blueberry bushes, however, my heart sank.  They’d not produced very well for two years after summers of bounty, and I wasn’t sure what I needed to do.

I thought about where they’d started out in the gardens.  It had been the perfect spot, but in my desire to grow the space and apply some principles of permaculture, I moved the bushes to the edge of the yard.  Unfortunately, they did not fare well so I moved them again in autumn.

The next summer, they continued to deteriorate. Their roots had been exposed from Daisy’s scratching for bugs.  The morning sun was plentiful but didn’t give them enough light to produce more than a handful of small, bitter berries.  Branches began to die, and I mourned their loss.

So as I cared for the gardens this Spring, I decided to integrate them into a new spot with just the right soil, enough sun, and some chickenwire fencing (thank goodness Daisy is too lazy to hop over it).  I carefully pruned away the dead branches and hoped for the best.

This summer, new life has blossomed from the hardwood and from the base of each bush.  While I am only harvesting a handful of berries at a time, they are sweet and juicy indicating health.

You see, this process with the blueberries has been about time.  It’s about the time and healing that needed to occur for them to produce healthily again.

It can be the same way for people as well–sometimes, we enter seasons in our life where our spirits or emotions are injured.  We do not thrive.  Our physical and mental health may become impacted.

And yet with time and nurturing, we can heal, we can grow, we can thrive.

Yes, that may take awhile, but isn’t that a result we can be encouraged (instead of exasperated) by?



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