the seventh summer season
the seventh summer season

the seventh summer season

First, let me apologize for being away for so long.  With a daughter graduating high school and my spending every waking moment in the gardens, I have put writing aside for awhile.

It has been a delightful beginning to summer, however, with new flowers blooming daily, berries spilling over their fences, and bluebirds nesting in the birdhouse.  After summers filled with spiritual direction residencies and new jobs, I am at a place where I can “just be” on the farm again.  What a gift.

My spring and summer project this year has been creating a nature trail through the woods in front of our house, winding around various old pine, oak and tulip trees.  It then journeys up the hill to the left of the veggie, fruit, and faerie gardens and enters the backside of the house newly dubbed “Berry Hill” after I spent all spring clearing and training blackberry and wineberry vines.

I am finally at a place where my creativity is shifting from garden design to spiritual design.   Over the next few weeks, I will be painting, photographing, writing, and constructing so that Growing Grace Farm can become the contemplative environment I have envisioned since 2010.

My dream and my passion?

  • To connect people with God through creation, prayer and meditation
  • To foster healing and reconciliation for those who’ve been wounded, and
  • To create sacred space for individuals to quiet themselves in body, mind, and spirit

Seven years seems like a long time, which, wow, as I write this, also seems very symbolic.  (Oh, Holy Spirit, you know how to sneak up on a girl, don’t you.) God formed creation in six days then rested on the seventh, and here I am in the seventh year on this little farm creating places to rest and pray.

One of my projects at the moment is making prayer circles on wooden discs I found at the craft store.  These will hang on trees on the nature trail path.  I thought I might post a few in the next couple of days, as I have found some inspiring and inspired prayers and poetry to include.

Take care–Cameron

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