4938144-large-quotation-marks  You are my shelter, O eternal One–my soul’s sanctuary!

Psalm 31: 1 (The Voice)

This week, I have been on vacation.  Having closed out my former job last Friday, I decided to take a week off prior to beginning my new position.  I’ve never done that before, and I am so grateful for the opportunity this go round.

When I told people I was taking a vacation, folks asked, “Where are you going?”  I noted with bated breath, “My farm!”  The looks I received were priceless.  Clearly, my front yard is not considered a vacation or even a staycation by many.

And yet, when I walk out into the gardens, I find that the peace of Creation settles my soul.  I am in my element weeding with Daisy, shoveling mulch, and listening to birds.  My heart sings and my soul rests.

This morning as I read Psalm 31, I reflected on the meanings of sanctuary.  The word inspires in me a feeling of quiet and calm–a place where I can connect with God without (or in spite of) the distractions of the world.  Sanctuary becomes a place of respite.

At the same time, sanctuary offers protection and security.  I picture the Creator as a large mama bird wrapping her gentle wing around me, shielding me from harsh realities of life.  I can go there and seek shelter when I need reminding whose I am and who calls me by name.

As I sat on the porch late yesterday afternoon, I marveled at all that Daisy and I had accomplished on behalf of Creation.  Looking down at my scraped legs and grimy hands, I giggled to myself.  Some people might call this “yard work,” but not me.

I realized that time on my little farm this week has been more than a vacation–it has truly been sanctuary.

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