4938144-large-quotation-marks  PILGRIMAGE~ a journey or search of spiritual significance;  a metaphorical journey into someone’s beliefs; a long journey or search especially one of exalted purpose where every step of the way has meaning

There are days when I wonder, “Why am I on this path?”  There are days when I ask God, “Are you sure this is the journey you want me on?”  There are days when I say to myself, “I cannot take another step.”

And yet, on the ride home I marvel at the innocence of a young calf sleeping by its mama in a chilly March field as the fog rolls in.  Or I sit in the car giggling at my chicken as she greets me clucking about the meal worms she expects me to offer her when I open my door. Or the early spring jonquils that survived the unexpected snow and smile up at me as I greet them at sunset.

I am so grateful for how creation reminds me that this pilgrimage I make is not little baby steps looking for the end of the trail; rather, I am on a lifetime journey with bumps and bruises, laughter and shouting, peace and calm, dismay and amazement.

My pilgrimage is my own, just as yours is your own. As you take each step, may you stop and reflect what it is the Creator has to offer you in that moment at that time.

Don’t forget, it is bigger than your ordinary life because everything that the Creator touches is extraordinary.

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