a truck, a plumber, and the divine within
a truck, a plumber, and the divine within

a truck, a plumber, and the divine within

This morning as I was coming into town on the interstate, I noticed a plumbing truck in the far left lane with its turn signal on.  It was hoping to cross 2 lanes of traffic to get off at an upcoming exit on the right.

In the daze of the morning commute or impatience of rushed professionals, cars zoomed by the truck, bumper to bumper, not making room for it to change lanes.

As the exit grew closer, I realized that he’d miss it if I didn’t make the room.  I flashed my lights and slowed down to create a space big enough.  Cars behind me then flashed their lights in response as if to say, “Move on!”

Luckily, there was no one in the lane the truck needed to access so it moved cautiously in front of me then quickly transitioned into the exit lane.

With his need to slow down and my moving back into the flow of traffic, we ended up side-by-side.  Without a thought, both of us turned toward each other, smiled, and waved.  Then again, as the lanes came to a point where they would split into different directions, we happened to look at each other again and smile then laugh at the coincidence.  I offered another friendly wave then headed on my way to the next exit where I get off for work.

As I slowly came to a stop at the end of the ramp, I couldn’t help but notice the black SUV in front of me.  In large white lettering on the back window, it proclaimed, “Have you met God?”

I can’t say that I have “met God” in the context that this truck might have been suggesting, but I do believe that each one of us has the Divine within.  We are not just made in the likeness of God but have a relationship with the Beloved that makes the Creator a part of us and we are a part of the Creator.  God invites us to connect with the Divine within ourselves but also seek the Divine within others–not always easy, but necessary if we are to be in community with one another.

In my yin yoga class, we finish our time together by holding prayerful hands at heart-center then bowing and saying, “The Divine in me honors the Divine you.  Namaste.”  That phrase has become a mantra for me as I seek not only to be compassionate to others but also to honor their Divine within.  I believe that by doing so, I can live out my call as a person of faith to create love, light, and peace in this world.

As I sat beyond that SUV at the red light and reflected on the question, “Have you met God,” I thought, “Yes, just a minute ago.  And he started me off on this day with a great smile and a wave.”



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  1. Alice

    Beautiful story. So few help others particularly on our roads. God is with us in the small things as well as the large. Perhaps it matters more when we care for our fellow men who need to safely merge.

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