the psalm of waiting
the psalm of waiting

the psalm of waiting

Waiting is hard for most of us.  Not necessarily because we have to be where we are but because want to get to where we are going.  We may be perfectly content in this place and time but want to move into something bigger and better, or perhaps, this place and time are challenging us, and we desire to move forward out of it.

Either way, waiting is hard.

But take waiting and compound it with darkness, struggle or grief, and some days, it can almost seem unbearable.  Especially in matters of faith when we have been taught that joy and contentment are “good” and struggle and pain are “bad.”

Or in matters of faith when we are encouraged to “just do” all the time instead of learning how to “just be.”

So how do we wait?  Wait on God, wait on change, wait on reconciliation, wait on new life.

I’m learning that the waiting place offers us a few gifts if we allow it.  It’s a time to problem solve, a time to discern, a time to connect, and/or a time to rest.  Yes, even in struggle, we need time to rest (let me rephrase, especially in struggle).

The Psalm of Waiting

O, Creator, the one who formed

day and night,

earth and sky,

land and sea;

the one who

dances with the wind,

shines with the sun,

cries with the rain,

we pray to you now.

When will you create for us?

When will you invite us forward from this waiting place?

When will you lead us down the path again?

Like impatient children, we are restless and need to move.

But you remind us,

It is in this time, in this space

Where we rely on that which is here waiting with us–




Each other

For today, that must be enough.


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