lessons learned: the gift of deep peace
lessons learned: the gift of deep peace

lessons learned: the gift of deep peace


Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.

gaelic blessing
This week, someone shared this blessing as a benediction for our meeting.  It has long been one of my favorites, and it came as a reminder to me during a much-needed time.
I’ve discovered this week that the paradox of being deeply sensitive and intuitive could come down to this:  while it be the foundation for compassion and understanding, if unchecked, it can drift into an ego-based desire to “fix” things.  And some might say (and by some, I mean myself) that we get weighted down so deeply in the muck and mire of the stress that we forget to see the bigger picture of who God is calling we to be (especially as a sensitive and intuitive person in the world of today).
As a part of my yoga and meditation time this week, I’ve been using “deep peace” as a mantra, and during my quiet car commute this morning some new thoughts unfolded about what deep peace truly is.
Deep peace is putting the ego aside so you can hear the calming whisper of the Holy Spirit. It is the realization that there is something bigger than yourself, and if you are willing to surrender to it, then anxiety, stress, and fear dissipate, or at least come into perspective.
Deep peace is not passive. I think we all know a little something about struggling with our egos. Deep peace is an active state but does not involve actively focusing on your inner conflict and how to come your sense of peace. Deep peace is actively letting go of the self and engaging in surrender to and trust of our Creator.
Deep peace is not blind to the challenges that are occurring. Rather, it redirects us from getting so caught up in our own personal issues that we forget to share our light and love with others–that we forget the higher calling of the One who asked us to create peace in this world.
And more importantly, striving for deep peace is not a a selfish act.  It is actually quite humbling.  In its own gentle way it it nudges, “This is where the work of your ego stops, and where the work of the Holy Spirit begins.”
Deep peace to you, for you, and around you this day.


  1. Gail

    Hello Cameron,
    I am quietly sitting here in the early morning, on the other side of the world to you (Australia). The notification came into my iPad that there was a post from your blog. I enjoy your writings so very much and quickly clicked through to your post on Deep Peace. Cameron, it stopped me in my tracks!!!
    You see, I yearn for that deep peace, but I have allowed myself to believe the notion that I must quickly get everything done. As I was reading what you had to say, I thought of some of the things I say through out my day, like “I’ll be back in a sec” “Hi, —- this is just a quick call” ” I’ll just make a quick cuppa” “I’ll just run to the shops for —–” ” I’ll just do a quick tidy up”. Where is the peace in that? I sit and do my Bible study in the early morning but even then, I often say to myself ” gosh, times getting on I must get moving”. I realised when reading your words today that I have forgotten to enjoy the journey. I am missing the pure joy of the things I enjoy because of that need to always hurry. Consequently everything in life becomes a chore. I even think that I may be allocating my Heavenly Father time slots throughout my day. As I write these last few words, I feel a sense of sadness for the joy of peace that I have let slip through my fingers because of this need to quickly get things done. Then this need to be “a Mrs fix it”, well that’s a whole other issue with me as well. I’m certainly a “let’s get this sorted” type of person.
    So Cameron, you have given me much food for thought this morning and I will think about your words and what they mean to me. Jesus gave us that gift of peace, however sometimes I think I have just placed it on the shelf, unopened.
    Thank you for the wisdom of your words.
    Blessings Gail.

    1. Gail, I am humbled by your vulnerability and openness. I truly believe that words and language have a way of finding us just when we need them. Some days, if I am listening to the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit, I get to share a few of those words myself. I am so glad that my words have touched your spirit just when you needed them. Truly a gift for my heart. In peace, Cameron

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