rainbow in the clouds
rainbow in the clouds

rainbow in the clouds

rainbow in clouds

Many years ago, I had the honor of attending a talk by Dr. Maya Angelou at Mars Hill College near my hometown of Asheville.  My seat was near the back so there was no hope of seeing her facial expressions or appreciating the nuances of gentle body language, but that voice, yes that voice, resonated in my heart and in my spirit.

This morning, as I drove to my job, I witnessed the right side of a large, wide rainbow in the clouds over downtown Asheville. Because it was so diffuse, it was not a spectacular, photo-taking rainbow, but nonetheless, it was there.

It reminded me of Dr. Angelou’s speech on having rainbows in our clouds and being rainbows in someone else’s clouds.  That phrase has remained tucked away in my heart, and I call on it when I am broken or when I have the opportunity to use my brokenness to become a healer for someone else.

Because her voice is so key to appreciating the essay, I have attached a link to a short video (less than 2 minutes) for you to let it wash over you.  Perhaps you might watch it the first time, then the second time, simply close your eyes and feel it dig deep into your soul.

Many blessings for you this morning.

Rainbow in My Clouds video

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