just be
just be

just be

So, it seems that my phrase “just be” is resonating with many folks of late.  I am touched by the emails, stories, and messages regarding the words I share and how they inspire you to take a moment and lean into the presence of the Creator.

You see, “just be” isn’t solely about taking a break from life and resting for a moment or going on a relaxing vacation. It is spiritually rooted in a relationship with your Maker.

“Just be” is about contemplation, surrender and listening.  Yes, it’s also about a still body and mindful heart, but in my life, it must also include an open spirit–open to embrace whatever it is the Beloved is trying to impart or share.

“Just be” is not a goal, it is a process.  It suggests mindfulness, choice, and a way of living.

As an educator, I often begin workshops or trainings with the phrase, “If there’s only one thing you take away from our time together. . .”  In my journey as a spiritual director, however, I might frame it as this, “If there’s only one thing you take away from my writing or in our time with the Holy Spirit, it is to value the intention of living a life of ‘just be.'”



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