just be, creation care, and Earth Day
just be, creation care, and Earth Day

just be, creation care, and Earth Day

It has been awhile since I’ve written, and I have been wondering why that is so.  I love to write, as it has always steadied me while offering me a source of meditation to discern my thoughts, feelings, etc.

Last night, as I finished a 4-evening stint of seed sowing and flower transplanting, I sat on my front porch with Daisy and looked out over our little farm.  I realized that what my soul had needed more than anything in the last month was not to be blogging or tweeting about nature–it needed to be connecting with creation.

Being a practitioner of creation care, I hold a special place in my heart for Earth Day, and usually the week or so before, I begin sharing articles and websites, poetry and essays.  But this past week, other than my Sunday morning sermon, I’ve found that the best way I could honor Earth Day was by communing with the Creator in the garden.

orange flowers

And so, this morning, before reading articles on Earth Day, or sharing meaningful quotes on Facebook, or tweeting the latest on climate care, I encourage you to do this:

Walk outside then close your eyes.  Listen to what surrounds you.  Even amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern world, see if you can find the authentic sound of nature.  Breathe in the air then release it.  Feel yourself connect with all that is around you. Feel your body and spirit lighten as you sit for a moment and “just be” in creation.  Reflect on the grace and peace that nature offers you.

sunflower butterfly

Now, imagine what it would be like if none of it existed or if you couldn’t access it daily.  How would mind, body, and spirit change?  How would your relationship change with the Creator?  What would you do to regain or repair that connection?

That’s why I care for the Earth–as a way to honor and give thanks to the One who gifts me everyday with a space and place to find rest, peace, solace, and comfort.



  1. Mary Jo Springs

    We attended the Spiritual Growth Retreat at Lake Junaluska and were blessed by your testimony. We are interested in the book that was in the display on the table on the stage, How to Build a Bible Garden. Where can we get a copy? Thank you again for inspiring us!

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