lessons learned:  maple leaves and transformation
lessons learned: maple leaves and transformation

lessons learned: maple leaves and transformation

Once in the morning and once in the afternoon, I walk the dogs down past the trees which affords me the opportunity to study the colors changing as the weather cools.  This year I’ve noticed that the reds are darker than usual–in some places, almost a black cherry in color.  Even in the same location with the same lighting, something changed a bit over the course of the last year to create the variation in hue.black cherry leaves

I’ve already heard some people complaining about the leaves’ changing.  “Oh, it won’t be as beautiful.” “It’s just not as spectacular as in years past.”  In essence, they long for something that is not attainable in Creation–the same conditions to create the same natural outcomes.

I’ve been reflecting on seasons recently and how each of us journeys through different experiences in this cycle of life .  Even if we return to a similar season, we are not quite the same.  The opportunities and time that have passed have changed us just enough that there are variations in our experience.  The thing of it is–it is neither good nor bad.  It’s just different.  If we open our hearts and minds to that, then we may come to appreciate the growth and transformation that has occurred along the journey.

And as for those black cherry maple leaves, they may not be the fiery red that people oooh and aaah over, but boy, are they something to be admired in just the right light.

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