remembering this day
remembering this day

remembering this day

I’m sure many of us recall where we were when we first witnessed or heard the news about the World Trade Center or the Pentagon or Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.  I recall being on vacation with our family, my child’s father turning on the tv right as the plane flew into the 2nd tower.  I turned to block my child as we didn’t realize a national tragedy was occurring right in that very moment.  As I redirected her out of the room, I watched her toddle through the door with her teddy bear–she turned and giggled at me, and I wondered how her life, our lives, the lives of millions of people had changed.

With the most recent refugee crisis occurring, I have continued to wonder where our world is headed.  But with recent stories of countries opening their hearts and borders to new neighbors, I believe there is hope. And as Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us “hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

This is one of my favorite prayers~

O Lord, take my ears and hear through them

take my hands and use them,

take my lips and speak through them,

take my eyes and smile through them,

take my heart and mind and will,

and use them as lamps of love,

by which your light may shine in all

the darkness of this suffering world.

~Modern prayer, anonymous

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