Laura Barnhart’s prayer~Awakening Wonder

Dear God,

I have been numb and asleep,
Days pass and I forget to notice moments of wonder and discovery.

Renew and refresh all my senses.
May I once again appreciate
Colors at sunrise,
Clouds billowing across an azure sky,
Tender, green leaves budding on a once dormant birch,
Music beside a crackling hearth,
Aroma of freshly ground coffee,
Laughter shared with cherished friends,
Purring from a contented cat,
Gliding to slow music,
Walking after a fresh snowfall.

Remind me to open my eyes, ears, heart and mind,
To the splendor all around me.
Remind me that enjoyment and pleasure can be found at any moment.
All I need do is look.


awakening wonder – laura barnhart – 2004
From the author’s book, Prayers From A Wounded Warrior.

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