lessons learned:  the benefits of a good soaking
lessons learned: the benefits of a good soaking

lessons learned: the benefits of a good soaking

It has been dry here the past couple of weeks, and my gardens have begun to suffer a bit.  New seed starts wither and sunflowers stalks bow their heads.  It is not a pretty sight.

In an attempt to rescue my veggie starts, I have been accessing my two 55-gallon water barrels.  With all the new garden space, 110 gallons doesn’t go far when everything is dry. Plants perk up for the remainder of each evening but then slowly wilt as the next hot day drags on.

Finally, yes finally, we’ve had some rain this week.  Rather than just getting a few sips from my little hose, creation has received a long, cool drink of water from these storms.  Everything on the farm seems a little cheerier for it.

There is something to be said for a good soaking. Gardeners know that it encourages the plants to grow deeply in the soil rather than shallowly under the surface. As a result, their bodies become rooted and strong.

I think we all need a good soaking every once in awhile–a downpour of love or care, joy or peace.  We experience seasons where our spirits become depleted from any or all of those life-giving sources.  And like the limited storage of my water barrels, our spirits don’t necessarily have enough resources to replenish what’s missing.

That’s when we turn to the Creator and pray to be showered with what we long for, whether it’s through our Maker, a therapist, a spiritual director, friends, or family.  All we have to do is soak it all up, take it all in, and replenish our stores.

I took a brief stroll around the beds this morning.  The sunflowers seem to have gown several inches in the last  few days, and where small sprouts once were, now stand bright green plants strong enough to bear new fruit.

My prayer is that we may all receive the soaking we need to move into a season of bearing new fruit.




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