lessons learned:  sacred silence
lessons learned: sacred silence

lessons learned: sacred silence

In recent readings for my spiritual direction program, various authors have been focusing on the quiet space that we are invited to journey to so that we can connect to the God Within.  There are many names for this time of being alone, but my favorite was coined by a Quaker, Thomas Kelly, who referred to it as the “Sacred Silence.”

This week, through some very challenging lessons learned, I realized I had not been spending enough time in Sacred Silence.  Oh yes, I’ve been quiet and alone, I’ve done yoga, I’ve prayed, I’ve breathed, but I was reminded last night of the value of Sacred Silence.

With a heavy heart, I decided last night that it was time to stop working on the farm and “just be” on the farm.  I chose to sit in the middle of my driveway as it allows me to be amidst creation–right there in it.  I observed the chickens and began reflecting on how they were so different than our last girls.  I intently studied the chickadee mama and papa as they flew in and out of the bird house checking on their new babes.  I peered over my shoulder to survey the new vegetable gardens and started planning the next steps.

Then I stopped.

I realized that yes, I was alone, and yes, I had quiet time, but nothing about me was silent.  My head and spirit whirred with garden plans and blog post ideas and sermon titles.

So I stopped.

I released the words from my head and desires from my heart and just sat.  Slowly, I became a part of creation–just a being out there in the middle of this tiny ecosystem known as Growing Grace Farm.  With body, mind and spirit unplugged from the worldly, I was able to sense the movement of the Holy Spirit whispering a secret to me.

And the Spirit was right.

I’d spent 18 months overhauling, deconstructing, reconstructing, reframing, rebuilding, and repurposing this place.  It was time for rest.  Time to “just be” in the Sacred Silence, re-creating myself.

The greatest gift of the Sacred Silence is the peace it brings to body, mind, and spirit.  Peace that invites you to let go of anxiety, fear, or frustration. Peace that gently transitions you back into the world with a new sense of wholeness.  Peace that truly re-creates your perspective on the world.


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  1. Joy

    Beautiful – wonderful reminder of the ‘sacred silence’ we all need – always there for us and yet so hard to let go and appreciate that gift. Thank you for the reminder.

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