growing grace farm’s Mediterranean chicken
growing grace farm’s Mediterranean chicken

growing grace farm’s Mediterranean chicken

The other day, I managed to find the last jar of dried Roma tomatoes pushed to the back of the top shelf.  What a gift!  Even though I am trying to be conservative in my usage (it will be another couple of months before the new Romas are ready in the garden), I couldn’t resist splurging and making one of my favorite dishes.  What a delightful dish to enjoy on a warm spring evening while sitting on the back porch. Enjoy~

Growing Grace Farm’s Mediterranean Chicken


2 chicken breasts, sliced in long thin strips

1 can of artichokes in water

1 cup dried tomatoes presoaked

2 cups of chopped, fresh kale

1/2 yellow onion, chopped

1 large clove of garlic or 2 small cloves, pressed

2 tbsp capers

drizzle of olive oil

kalamata olives and feta or goat cheese to taste

dried or fresh basil and oregano

mediterranean chicken


In saute pan, heat olive oil on medium heat.  Add chopped onion, pressed garlic, and herbs and saute until onions are clear.

Add chicken strips and artichokes.  Turn heat up to med-high.  Pour in either 1/2 cup of artichoke water or dried tomato water.

Saute until chicken is tender but not fully cooked (5 min).  Add dried tomatoes, capers, and olives. Stir.

Turn heat down to med-low and sprinkle chopped kale on top of chicken mixture–DO NOT STIR.

Cover with lid and let steam for a couple of minutes.  Remove lid and toss in some feta or goat cheese.

Makes 4 servings.

I made some polenta as a side dish, and it was quite yummy!

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