morning mantras
morning mantras

morning mantras

As I continue to grow in the ways of my faith, I find that I have become a collector of prayer practices.  It is quite a colorful collection to suit different moods, situations, and spaces. These simple acts of prayer are mine, and I have grown very fond of them.

In learning about holy listening from my spiritual director, I have come to intuit words or phrases that seem to be planted in my soul by the Holy Spirit.  I allow those words to nestle down in the fertile ground (and compost!) that exists in my spirit, offering me opportunity for meditation but also for self-reflection.

I have come to appreciate these small phrases that come to me after my quiet early morning yoga.  They linger in my mind until I sit here in the quiet of my office and listen to what they are really trying to say.  It is then that they take root and become a mantra for that day or week or season.

I thought this morning, I might share some of these with you. Please feel free to do the same if you are so moved.  ~cameron


it is enough

breathe deeply, love fully

just be

light and love

grace be with you

deep peace

let love in


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